Biratnagar, December 14:

Maoists here have gone on the warpath. Alleging that the peace treaty between them and the government was not implemented, they have put a spoke in the wheel of developmental activities of the Biratnagar sub-metropolis (BSM).

They have ordered the sub-metropolis not to open the coffers for any developmental activities. Ambulance, fire brigade, salary and allowances of government officials and other emergency heads of expenditure are exempted.

Maoist city in-charge Parag, at a press conference on the premises of BSM today, said, “The Maoists are forced to intervene in the developmental activities after the metropolis started working according to its old pattern.” The release of budget to those government offices that follow the old working style will also be halted, he said.

“As the Maoists were not invited to the city council meeting a month ago, we intervened in the developmental work,” Parag said.

“The Maoists have pressurised us to close the development account until new provisions are made. So, a solution to the problem will have to be found after calling all parties to discuss the matter on Sunday,” BSM executive officer Sudarshan Dhakal said.

Dhakal, who was present in the press conference, claimed that the municipality has been inviting Maoists on each occasion of drafting the plans and programmes of BSM.

The city council meeting that concluded a month ago had allotted a total budget of Rs 22 crores. Of this, Rs 17 crores was allotted for development work.

After the Maoists’ intervention, construction of the Kesaliya-Rani road at the cost of Rs 1 crore will be halted. “Various developmental works amounting to Rs 2 crores have been halted due to the Maoists’ intervention,” said Dhakal.

CPN-UML district secretary, Naresh Pokhrel, said that the Maoists’ intervention proved that they do have any political culture.

Nepali Congress district president Amrit Aryal said Maoists should not create such hurdles at a time when the process of management of weapons, interim constitution and interim government is going on.