Maoists capture another school

Itahari, October 9:

The Maoist army, militia and cadres have moved into the Sharada Secondary School at Khanar-4 in Sunsari. From today, they began using the school building for residential purpose and the school playground for parading and holding drills.

Over a week ago, the Maoists had also begun camping in the Holy Land Boarding School at Chainpur VDC-4 Chitwan.

Some 25 Maoists are staying at the Sharada school, said Maoist leader Hemanta. The school is closed till the Chatth festival. However, headmaster of the school, Suvarna Bahadur Thapa, said the Maoists are violating universally-accepted norms and not respecting the education sector as a zone of peace. Thapa added that the Maoists had occupied the school without seeking permission.

Hemanta admitted that the Maoists had moved into the school without taking permission from the headmaster. “We apologise for the mistake,” he said.

Joint commander of the Maoist militia (Sunsari) Arjun said, “As we had no place to stay, we took shelter in the school. We will stay there only for a few days.”

Sunsari representative of the INSEC Ram Koirala said the Maoists have violated the human rights and ceasefire code of conduct.