Maoists creating terror, charges NC

Says the party will stick to Mahasamiti decision

Kathmandu, October 13:

The series of dialogues and meetings between the major political parties that continued even today seemed to make no headway since the Nepali Congress (NC), the largest party in the parliament, is not ready to “move an inch” from its Mahasamiti decision.

This means that the Nepali Congress is not ready to accept the Maoist’s two proposals of abolishing the institution of monarchy through the special session of the parliament and going for a proportional electoral system in the constituent assembly elections.

The special session of the parliament was called last Thursday to discuss the two issues, which dragged the parties into a fresh controversy.

Central leader of the Nepali Congress Laxman Prasad Ghimire told this daily that the “Maoists’ blackmailing has reached the climax”.

Reiterating the decision of the last week’s central committee meeting, he said, “The NC will not deviate from its stance.” He, however, was quick to add that constituent assembly elections will be meaningless if they are held by sidelining the Maoists. “They (Maoists) must be engaged to save the country,” he added.

The party has also charged the CPN (Maoist) with “creating an environment of disturbances and terror” in various parts of the country, including Kathmandu. A press statement issued by the Nepali Congress today accused the CPN (Maoist) of “continued abduction” of journalists, teachers, and political cadres.

“Extortion spree has not been stopped,” the NC said accusing the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) of violating the peace agreements.

The Nepali Congress has also expressed serious concern about the “black list” prepared by the CPN(Maoist)-affiliated Young Communist League (YCL) and the “obstruction”

on return of the displaced to their villages.

The party has asked the government to ensure safe return of the displaced and improve security by controlling such activities.

A Nepali Congress team comprising, among others, Chakra Bastola and Ananda Dhungana met leaders of the Nepal Workers’ and Peasants’ Party today to “convince” the latter to stick to previous agreements, to let the CA decide on republic.

“We categorically told them that whether it is announced from the parliament or Constituent Assembly or established by a people’s revolution, we are in favour of a socialist republic,” president of the NWPP Narayan Man Bijukchhe told this daily.

Also today, a team from the Communist Party of Nepal-UML, the third largest party in the parliament, met Speaker of the Parliament, Subas Chandra Nembang, and demanded that deadline for filing amendments to the Maoists’ proposals be extended.

The CPN-UML, which remained active today to thrash out the differences between the Nepali Congress and the CPN (Maoist), also postponed its parliamentary party meeting.

“We remained busy meeting leaders; so we postponed the parliamentary party

meeting today,” a standing committee member of the CPN-UML, Jhalanath Khanal, told this daily.