Nepalgunj, December 11:

The Maoists have called a tractor-owner to pay them a sum of one lakh rupees if he wants his seized tractor back.

“Maoist leader Navin told me over phone that they will not return the tractor unless he pays them Rs 1 lakh,” Raj Kumar Barma, the owner of the seized tractor and native of Banke’s Karkando 1, said. Maoist leader Toofan said they have deposited Barma’s tractor “as collateral for raising the needed fund”. “We have told Barma to pay us Rs 1 lakh if he needs the tractor soon.”

Seventy-six-year-old Prem Dev Giri of Udhrapur 2 Gijara in Banke said:

“Despite the peace treaty, the Maoists have not ended the seizure of my house. I was threatened when I went to lay claim over my house.”

“A Pariyar family, who has been occupying the house, told me that the house will be handed over to him only under the direction of the (Maoist) party,” he said, adding:

“Accompanied by my family, I left the house on March 20, 2006 as Maoist cadres Kiran Shahi and Rum Lal Oli forced me out under the direction of Maoist leader Sagar.” The Giri family is living in Bholagaudi, Bardiya.

However, Maoist leader Toofan said action against Giri was taken “for practising polygamy”. Maoists’ Banke district secretary Himal said he had no knowledge about the whole affair.