Maoists flouting past pacts: Sushil

Nepalgunj, February 9:

The Maoists were not implementing the past agreements reached with the government, said Nepali Congress acting president Sushil Koirala today.

Speaking at a press conference organised by the Press Union Nepal Banke chapter, he said, “Instead of returning the seized land and property, the Maoists have been seizing more land,” he said, adding that they were still extorting money, issuing threats and thrashing people.

Koirala said he came to know that the Maoists had sent at least 50 letters to civilians in Banke, demanding donation.

“Maoist chairman Prachanda was only making hollow and irresponsible claims about returning the seized land and property,” Koirala said. The government should work towards returning the seized land and property to the rightful owners, he said. He also criticised Prachanda for meeting royal regime minister Kamal Thapa. Referring to the attack on NC central member Dilendra Badu by Maoist cadres in Darchula, he warned, “Maoist cadres might attack leaders of other parties also.”

Koirala said the government would be ready to meet the genuine demands raised by the Madhesi groups if they sit for talks. “If Jwala Singh and Jay Krishna Goit feel insecure to sit for talks with the government, I guarantee to provide them security,” he said.

Stating that the security situation in Tarai was worsening, Koirala said he would draw the attention of the PM and the Home Minister. “Whosoever takes the law into his hands would face action,” he said, ruling out the deployment of the Nepal Army in the present context.

On the issue of king Gyanendra’s recent comments, Koirala said his remarks was meaningless. He added that if the CA polls were not held, civil war would break out in the country.