Maoists have lost credibility, says Sushil

Tanahun, December 28:

Acting Nepali Congress president Dr Sushil Koirala today said his party did not believe that the accord reached between CPN-Maoists and CPN-UML to dissolve the paramilitary structure of the Young Communist League and to return the seized properties to the owners could ever bear fruit.

Addressing a press meet organised by the Press Union Tanahun in Damauli today, Koirala said the Maoists could not be believed as they have been flouting the commitments made by them. “Their commitments in the paper are different from what they actually practice,” he added. Commenting on the recent attacks on different media houses, Koirala said only dictators attacked the press.

“The Nepali Congress always stands for democracy,” Koirala said, adding that the NC embarked on its awareness programme to inform people about the wrongdoings of the government.

Responding to a query on delay in statute drafting, he said, “The Maoists, not the NC, are to be blamed for this.”