Maoists mulling over no-trust motion

DHANGADHI; Unified CPN-Maoist spokesperson Dinanath Sharma today disclosed that his party is bent on tabling a motion of no-confidence against the incumbent government.

Talking to media persons in Dhangadi today, Sharma said that there was an urgent need of seeking an alternative to the current government as the present government could not complete the historic and momentous tasks of writing the new constitution and providing a logical conclusion to the peace process. “We made constant efforts for a national consensus government for a long time but to no avail, thus, we want to table the no-trust motion against this government now”, Sharma reasoned.

Sharma, however, informed that his party has yet to make a final decision in this regard.

Alleging the Constituent Assembly members of being ‘regressive’ and ‘anti-people’, Sharma said that they were facing difficulty in garnering adequate votes to support their no-trust motion against the government.

Focusing on the significance of the consensus and cooperation among political parties, Sharma said,” If the consensus can be forged among the political forces, new constitution can be announced within two months’ period”.

He made it clear that though his party was pondering over the no-trust proposal, his party would go for the formation of national unity government with highest priority.

Sharma accused the Madhav Nepal government of not being serious toward the constitution drafting process. Both constitution writing process and army integration and management should be carried out simultaneously, UCPN-Maoist Sharma opined.