Maoists' people's court issues dire threats against 7

KHANDBARI: The Unified CPN-Maoist has threatened seven people, including students, teachers, commoners and cadres of the CPN-UML in the district with 'serious physical action'. The threat has been issued following the reactivation of the party's people's court in the district.

The Maoists have made public the name list of seven persons who will face action. According to Rishi Keshav Chapagain, deputy district secretary, CPN-UML, the Maoists have served the threat through letters.

Chapagain said the Maoists' threat comes in the wake of a clash that broke out between cadres of Nepal Students' Union and All Nepal National Free Students' Union, nine days ago at Rameshwor Higher Secondary School in Mamling VDC.

Chapagain, however, said that the Maoists have no authority to take action.

A source close to the CPN-UML said UML cadres Puspa Adhikary and Purna Ghimire, local residents Hriwal Meghi, Durga Adhikary and Rajan Bhandari, Dipak Khatri of Rameshwor Higher Secondary School and Dhanaram Poudel, headmaster of Saraswoti Primary School in Mamling have received the threats.

However, the Maoists maintained that they were compelled to take action as their cadres Kul Bahadur Karki and Kul Bahadur Subedi were beaten up by the activists of CPN-UML's youth force during the clash that ensued between NSU and ANNFSU.

A source close to the Maoist, said Youth Force cadres had attacked their cadres with weapons. However, CPN-UML has accused that those enlisted have been charged of spying against the Maoists. A teacher requesting anonymity said the Maoists are bent on punishing those listed ones.

Meanwhile, All Nepal National Independent Students ' Union -Revolutionary, student wing aligned to the Maoist in a statement has said that it will take action against those seven people. A statement released by Diliram Karki, chairman, ANNISU-R, Rameshwor Higher Secondary School stated, “If the perpetrators who attacked the Maoist cadres were not brought to books, the consequences would be disastrous.”

Reiterating that action will be taken against those allegedly involved in thrashing the Maoist cadres, Krishna Yakhya, area in-charge of the Maoist said, "Those who have attacked will face punishment."

The CPN-UML has blamed the Maoists of reviving an issue that had been settled already. However, those kept in the list of punishment have refuted the allegations of their involvement in beating the Maoist cadres.