Maoists protests for lure of power: Deuba

CHITWAN: Senior leader of Nepali Congress Sher Bahadur Deuba today said that the announcement of protest programme by the UCPN-Maoist was an expression of discontent as they did not get to lead the government.

Speaking at a programme organised by Press Union Chitwan in Bharatpur Deuba said, "The Maoists are trying to take over the government by terrorising people. But we will foil their attempt. We had urged the President to avert Maoists' highhandedness in the Nepali Army in the case of erstwhile CoAS, so we cannot accept that the move was wrong. Hence discussion about the move in the parliament is null and void."

Commenting on Maoist attack on him yesterday Deuba said,'' they showed their true nature.'' Furthermore, Deuba added that PLA fighters also would not get their salary if the Maoist did not allow passing the budget.

Meanwhile, speaking at the programme Irrigation Minister Bal Krishna Khand opined that the security mechanisms should be boosted to counter Maoist totalitarianism. He also reiterated that the government had submitted to maximum flexibility so as to take the peace process to a logical end. "However, the government would not remain a mute spectator if the Maoist continued their anarchic activities," he said.