Maoists set up camps

Dharan, November 2:

Maoists have set up camps in over four dozen buildings, including government offices and community homes, in the eastern region, according to a police source.

This week, the Maoists set up a camp for its cultural troop in an old age home in Auliya temple at Barah Kshetra VDC in Sunsari.

There are seven Maoist camps in Sunsari district alone. The Maoists earlier captured the buildings of the Regional Agriculture Investigation Centre, Hasposa, Chhoti Custom Office, Bhadgaon, Sai Baba Petrol Pump, Sinuwari, a government building at Khanar and a building of the Panchkanya Community Forest, Dharan, and set up their offices there.

Maoists have established their eastern regional headquarters in a building belonging to the Road Division Office at Salakpur of Mrigauliya VDC in Morang.

Maoists have also set up their camps in the VDC office building and the empty police post at Pathari, Dainiya, Sorbhag and Budhanagar in Morang.

The Maoists have also occupied the VDC building and police post at Fikkal.