Maoists stick to existing govt formation rule

Kathmandu, May 14:

Maoist leader Mohan Baidya ‘Kiran’ today said the Maoists were ready to change other provisions of the constitution but not the provision on two-third majority to form or oust a government.

“Why the NC did not opt for simple majority before? Why are they raising this issue when Maoists are poised to lead the government?” he questioned. Urging other parties to respect people’s mandate, Kiran said his party would leave no stones unturned to form a consensus government but if that bid failed they would form a single-party government as the largest party in the CA.

Addressing an interaction at Reporters’ Club, he said his party was never against implementing the peace pacts but the Nepali Congress unnecessarily put forth seven-point conditions for consensus, adding that they can be sorted out through discussion.

On alleged YCL excesses, Kiran said the NC and UML were unnecessarily exaggerating the issue.

NC spokesperson Arjun Narsingh KC said the NC would not deviate from the spirit of consensus and cooperation even if they stayed out of the government.

“We will not join the government unless those conditions are met. They are linked with democratic principles and had to be met one year before,” he said adding PM Girija Prasad Koirala could not resign till the next government was in place, as Koirala is not only the head of the government but also the acting head of the state.

UML leader Keshav Badal said unless the Maoists proved commitment to democratic norms and pledged consensus politics, the UML could not join the Maoist-led government. “Thus far, there is no basis for joining the government. Maoists talk of ultra-left politics but behave like ultra rightists,” he said.