Maoists take coiners into custody

Phidim, October 8:

The Maoists from Sidin VDC in Panchthar have seized two persons who were involved in running a fake currency racket. The Maoists yesterday caught hold of the two with fake Nepali 1000 rupee notes and Indian currency 500 rupee notes.

The Maoists caught Surya Kerung of Sidin-7 and Bhim Meyangbo of Siding-5 after one Jeevan Kerung of Memeng-8, who was nabbed at Gopetar bazaar in Panchthar while trying to palm off fake currency on September 27, said Maoist district in-charge Raman.

Jeevan was caught with an Indian 500 rupee note and 17 Nepali 1000 rupee notes. The Maoists handed over Jeevan to the police in the presence of local journalists on Friday.

The fake Nepali notes seized from Jeevan bore the picture of late king Birendra and the signature of bank governor Satyendra Shrestha, said DSP Pradip Khadka. Cashier at the Phidim branch of Nepal Bank Kul Chandra Guragain said that as the bank seized fake notes from customers who came to the bank from different VDCs earlier, there might be a large number of fake notes circulating in Panchthar.