Maoists to blame if polls are delayed, says Deuba

Mahendranagar, June 16:

Nepali Congress (Democratic) President and former prime minister, Sher Bahadur Deuba, said the CPN-Maoist should be responsible if the CA elections are not held on November.

Deuba was talking to local journalists in Mahendranagar today.

Moreover, president Deuba said though the bomb explosions, ambushes and murders have apparently stopped, the Maoists are still threatening and intimidating people. Stating that the country has entered into a federal system, Deuba said a system of decentralisation will be arranged without hindering the national integrity and dignity and its form will be determined by the eight-party agreement.

Deuba, commenting on the proposed unification of the NC and the NC (D), said he did not want any position in the unified Congress. “But the unification must be dignified,” Deuba further said.