Maoists unruly acts worsening security: Rawal

NEPALGUNJ; Home Minister Bhim Rawal today said that unruly activities of the Unified CPN-Maoists to make the incumbent government a failure, have adversely affected peace and security in the country.

Addressing a programme in Nepalgunj, Rawal said maintaining security had become difficult due to the unruly activities of the Maoists but claimed security situation of the country has improved comparatively. Referring to security data of the last three years, he claimed that the security situation has improved.

Rawal said, “The Maoists have been carrying out unruly activities with the aim of making the current government a failure. This encouraged other armed groups active so some untoward incidents took place recently.”

Rawal claimed that on the basis of some incidents, it is wrong to argue that security situation is deteriorating. He, however, admitted maintain security when the country is in political transition is a difficult task.

He said that the government was committed to maintain peace and security in the country by implementing the Special Security Plan. He said that hundreds of those involved various criminal activities have been arrested after he took charge of office. The government has also initiated action against corrupt security officials, he added.

Minister Rawal maintained that the government will continue procuring weapons and explosives necessary for security agencies. He said, “The earlier government was also procuring such things for security and the incumbent government will also continue doing same so will the successive government if required.”

Claiming that procuring weapons was not against the Comprehensive Peace Agreement Rawal said, “CPA has barred the Nepali Army not other security agencies from procuring weapons and explosives.” Rawal also said former PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ himself had brought such weapons for the police forces during his tenure.

On the army integration, Rawal said the government was ready to integrate the Maoist combatants and claimed only the number of combatants to be integrated was yet to be decided.