Maoists’ dilemma a reason for poll deferral: Nepal

Kathmandu, October 13:

Madhav Kumar Nepal, general secretary of the UML, said today that the dilemma among the Maoists is one of the reasons behind the postponement of the Constituent Assembly (CA) polls.

Nepal made this remark while addressing a function organised by the Rautahat-Kathmandu Liaison Forum in the capital.

“There is dilemma among the Maoists on whether to choose peaceful means or wage an armed rebellion. This is why the Maoists are adamant on their demands,” he said.

“If the CPN (Maoist) still believes in bullets, I ask them to go back to jungle. I hope they will come to reality after killing 25,000 people.”

Nepal said that both the Nepali Congress and the Maoists are to blame for the postponement of the elections as they stuck to rigid stands on their respective conditions.

“In the name of abolishing the monarchy immediately, the parties are doing no good for the people. Rather, they are prolonging the existence of monarchy,” he maintained.

“The UML is seeking an alternative so as to bring both the parties to an agreement. However, the third alternative is yet to be discovered,” Nepal said.

According to him, the UML wants the elections held at the earliest.