Maoists’ donation drive intensifies in Biratnagar

Biratnagar, May 16:

The Maoists have intensified their donation collection campaign in Biratnagar. They have been collecting donations, saying they need money for staging the democratic peoples’ assembly in Biratnagar. Locals said the Maoists have been forcing them to donate them money.

Maoist District Secretary, Sushil, speaking at a press conference in Biratnagar yesterday, said the Maoist cadres have been urging people to provide donation willingly.

He claimed the campaign would not continue after staging the assembly.

It is stated that around 1,00,000 people would participate in the assembly that will be organised by the Mechi Koshi Regional Eastern Bureau Central Command at Sahid Rangashala.

Over 200 Maoist cadres have been deployed for the preparation of the assembly from today.

In Biratnagar, unarmed Maoists have been launching their campaign wearing white vests and red trousers. Meanwhile, the local administration has deployed unarmed security personnel for patrolling.

“The mediators could monitor our activities; however, the monitoring of security personnel is not acceptable to us,” said Sushil.