Maoists’ poll stance opposed

Kathmandu, August 7:

Central leader of the Nepali Congress (NC) Dr Ram Baran Yadav and NC (Democratic) leader Dr Narayan Khadka today said that the “sudden change” in the Maoists’ stance on elections and their demand for a republic could be “unfortunate” and even bring about a split in the eight-party alliance.

“A split in the eight-party alliance would invite dire consequences,” Dr Yadav told an interaction at Sambad Club. “This should not happen under any pretext,” he said.

He suggested that all parties focus on national interests and constituent assembly elections rather than their vested interests. “There is no alternative to constituent assembly polls. Postponement of the polls would invite disaster,” he warned. Yadav also criticised the MJF for demanding dissolution of the Parliament and the right to self-determination.

NC (D) leader Dr Khadka also said that the country would witness “difficult circumstances” if the eight-party unity were to break. He urged Home Minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula to become “serious” and stop taking the situation lightly. “Speaking irresponsibly would only lead the country towards a difficult situation,” he said.