Kathmandu, June 17 :

The latest position acquired by Mars and Saturn, which goes back to April 27 and will last well until October 21, has been billed as malefic for humanity.

Today was the day when the two planets were closest ever in two years although they will come this close only after 22 years.

“Of course, their current conjunction is partial as yet. But it will gain full circle by October 14 and later. That indicates disruption and tumult,” said noted astrologer Ashok Bajracharya, who studied the phenomenon recently.

The development is likely to be really deadly since the advent of the phase

after November 14 is scheduled to see the conjunction of 4 planets comprising Sun, Mars, Plato and Neptune.

“This phase coincides with the festival of Tihar. Worse, the advance stage will see the conjuction of six planets, including the moon,” Bajracharya said.

Big accidents, including earthquakes, cannot be ruled out. There will, however, be relative bonhomie between the ruler and the ruled. Bajracharya drew parallels between planetary conjunctions of the past and resultant political developments. “There was similar partial planetary conjunction at the time when BP Koirala was elected prime minister in 1959,” Bajracharya said.

Another noted astrologer Acharya Dhruva concurred, saying, “The benefic or malefic effect depends on whether the planets which come fall in conjunction are mutually friends or foes.”