Pokhara, November 24:

Family of the first martyr of Jana Andolan II, Bhimsen Dahal, was given monetary help at a programme here today.

On May 3, the Martyr Bhimsen Dahal Dependents’ Family Coordination Committee was formed under the coordination of Ananda Batas.

It provided half of the Rs 347,112 collected for the purpose to Dahal’s second wife Sabita Dahal. The other half will be provided to Dahal’s first wife Debaka Dahal, said sources at the committee. Dahal was killed in course of the pro-democracy movement on April 8.

The committee had appealed to all to make donations.

Responding to the plea, 165 people and organisations donated cash to the committee, sources at the committee said, adding that cash collection had been stopped from today.

Addressing the programme, Batas said,” Mahendrapul of Pokhara, where Bhimsen attained martyrdom, has been renamed as Bhimsen Chowk.”

A committee member Rabindra Banstola said: “The state should work to ensure decent livelihood for dependent kin of martyrs.” Late Dahal’s statue will be installed at the Bhimsen Chowk.