ITAHARI: As per the government declaration of providing free education to the children of martyrs in the budget for the current fiscal, construction of a building for a boarding school has started in Sunsari’s Hansposa.
The government has authorised Martyr Memorial Foundation for the operation of the school. According to chairman of the school management committee Ram Koirala, construction of the building has begun in earnest. The government is set to provide Rs 10 million for the infrastructure of the school.
Koirala said they had bought a bigha of land for Rs 1.7 million prior to constructing bamboo huts for temporary purpose. A minimum of 150 children of martyrs from the eastern region will study in the school, he said. The children will be provided food, clothes and health service free of cost.
The committee said preliminary construction for the school would be completed in two weeks. In the first phase, six huts will be constructed while permanent infrastructure will be readied within two years at the same place. Koirala added that kin of martyrs will be prioritised while selecting teachers and staffers for the school.