‘Mass wedding for ending dowry’

Rajbiraj, April 6

“Just as events such as mass bratabandha  (coming-of-age ceremony) has helped erase the gap between the rich and poor, mass wedding can be a solution for abolishing the dowry system,” Bhagawan Jha, Maithil Brahmansabha central chairperson, said.

Speaking at a mass coming-of-age ceremony today in Tilathi, Saptari, Jha talked about the practice of taking dowry among members of Maithil Brahman community.

Jha insisted that a decision making ‘mass wedding’ a rule, at least in the Maithil Brahman community, would be taken in a few months.

“As of now, we are collecting data of Maithil Brahmans residing in all 25 districts. We will be holding a Mahasabha or meeting soon to take a decision as a community,” Jha said.

At the same event, Chhinnamasta Communication Group Pvt Ltd chairperson Shailendra Mohan Jha supported Bhagawan Jha’s proposal to promote collective marriage.

“Yes, collective marriage and other creative ideas could be helpful in ending the wrong practice for good,” Shailendra Jha argued.