Massive forest fire in Gulmi, nearby village settlement at high risk

GULMI: A massive wildfire has spread in Siddheshwar Community Forest of Musikot Municipality-5 in Gulmi district.

The fire that started at Malikachaur of Kurgha in Musikot Municipality-6 on Thursday has not come under control even till today morning. As the fire is taking a wild form, at this time, locals of Aapchaur Kharwang village are fearing the fire spreading to their settlements.

At present, a large number of people including local residents, security personnel deployed from Nepal Army, Nepal Police and Armed Police Force, have gathered in the area to douse the fire. Locals had stayed up whole night to bring the fire under control.

It has been difficult to take the fire under control because the affected area is surrounded by khar (undried hay) and difficult slopes, local Arjun Aryal said.

The fire has already spread to Thamdanda of Aapchaur. Aryal also informed the fire poses a huge risk of spreading to the village settlement just below the forest area.

The spreading fire is posing serious threat to over 50 houses and sheds in the nearby settlements.