Matrika padlocks DDC office

JANAKPURDHAM: CPN-Maoist leader Matrika Yadav padlocked the Dhanusha District Development Office this afternoon, blaming the major political parties of dividing the DDO budget for their own purpose. Yadav also accused the UCPN-Maoist of being more corrupt than the CPN-UML.

Situation at the DDO remained tense for an hour while all the official works had been disrupted.

The police later unlocked the office after Yadav went to the capital today to attend another function. Official works of the DDO continued normally after he left the premises.

Yadav claimed that the budget allocated for the DDO was being distributed to different political parties. Stating that there were irregularities while disbursing the budget, Yadav dragged local development officer Bindu Prasad Guragain out of his office before padlocking the DDO. CDO Shambhu Prasad Koirala was not present at the scene though Yadav had urged his presence while padlocking the office.

An all-party meeting, excluding Yadav’s CPN-Maoist, was held on Thursday to discuss the plans and policies of the DDO.