KATHMANDU: Speakers at an interaction, organised by Sancharika Samuha in the capital, on Monday sought severe punishment to end the series of abduction, murder and violence in the country.

Kuber Singh Rana, DIG, said “Khyati Shrestha’s brutal murder has raised the question of capital punishment against the abductors and murderers.” DIG Rana admitted that the country was crippled by impunity. He,however, praised the growing concern from the civil society on social security. Rana said despite growing pressure from different sectors, there is less chance of the provision for capital punishment.

“Most of the abduction cases are not reported to the security bodies,” Rana said. He added due to lack of proper information regarding the crime there were chances of investigation ending up in failure. Rana reported that they had registered 342 rape and 122 trafficking cases this year which were 302 and 123 respectively last year. He said that the most targeted and vulnerable group in the crime events were women and children.

Dr Bhimarjun Acharya,a constitution expert, said, “The governments formed after the election of the Constitutional Assembly have harboured impunity to a greater extend.”

Acharya informed that the provision for the capital punishment existed in 60 countries among 200

countries.He said “Government should act responsibly for ending culture of

murder, kidnap,extortion and threaten.” He viewed that provision for pardon to the criminals should be totally dismissed.