Media houses urged to help end untouchability


Dalit rights activists have urged private and public media outlets to play their roles in eradicating untouchability and empowering Dalit communities.

Chairperson of Dalit Welfare Association Motilal Nepali presented a paper at a workshop organised by DWA here today titled ‘New structure of state and Dalit participation in media mainstreaming’. In his paper, he stated both private and public media outlets should ensure inclusive representation of Dalits in their organisations and promote Dalit journalists to higher positions. He said media house should also provide training and refresher courses to Dalit journalists in order to enhance their skills.

Secretary at the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Shree Hari Prasad Basyal said there was need to hone Dalits’ skills in order to enable them to compete in the modern market. He said society had relegated the Dalit community in the past but the new constitution had paved the way for them to hold key positions in state organs. He also said all three tiers of the government should allocate budget to provide trainings to Dalit journalists in order to increase their competency.

Executive Chairman of Nepal Television Mahendra Bista said media should play the role of change agent in society as far as Dalit empowerment was concerned.

Editor of Nagarik Daily Guna Raj Luitel said a debate had to be initiated to promote Dalit participation in mainstream media houses. He said media professionals had a duty to enhance Dalit media professionals’ skills and provide them conducive environment for honing their skills.