Media keep Gokarna’s women folk informed of CA election

Kathmandu, April 1:

Though illiterate, most of the women in Gokarna VDC in Kathmandu are aware of the impending Constituent Assembly (CA) polls. They said they were informed of the polls by watching television and listening radios.

Mathura Poudel (55), a housewife, said she knew that the CA election was about making a new constitution and there would be two ballot papers in the polls. “I know that one ballot paper is to choose a party and the other to choose a candidate directly.”

Poudel said no political party cadres came door-to door in the village; rather they merely speak on loudspeakers and distribute pamphlets, which is of no use for the illiterate women. “In contrary, the media, which are airing details of the election all the time, are informing the locals.”

“I have already decided whom to vote for,” said Krishna Maya Shrestha (43) who runs a small teashop at Mahadevsthan, Gokarna. In the afternoon, many local women gather in the teashop where they share each other’s knowledge of the polls, Shrestha said.

A few parties have approached them asking for votes, Shrestha said, adding past experiences have made them understand the trend of the leaders, who “forget the people once the election ends”. Buddha Laxmi Dangol (65) says, “When they ask for votes we say ‘ok’ to all; but this time we don’t want to choose a wrong person and vote for a person based on our personal judgement.”

The VDC falls under Constituency No 3 of Kathmandu. There are 28 candidates including eight independent candidates contesting the polls from this constituency.