Medical Association agitated, demands justice for Dr KC

SURKHET: Nepal Medical Association has been agitated over government's indifference to the deteriorating health condition of agitating senior orthopedic surgeon Dr Govinda KC.

The Association has accused the government of denying agitating Dr KC treatment despite fast deterioration of his health condition, and protested against the government act by staging a semi-nude protest on the Karnali Jumla road.

Dr KC has been staging a fast-unto-death strike in Jumla this time, demanding reform in the medical education sector.

NMA Vice-Chairman Dr Prabin Kumar Giri said the NMA was bound to protest after the administration failed to abide by the 24-hour ultimatum that Dr KC be referred to the modern hospital for treatment owing to his worsening health condition. The NMA also called for indefinite closure of the health service except emergency at province level.

Meanwhile, Dr KC has said he would not stop his fast-unto-death till the government fulfilled his demands. Civil society coordinator in Jumla, Raj Bahadur Mahat, said the government was doing injustice to Nepali people by disrespecting and suppressing a person who speaks for public welfare.