Medical equipment auctioned for trifling sum

Khotang, September 9

District Hospital and District Public Health Office have reportedly sold expensive equipment for a trifling sum of money.

According to sources, the offices have sold as many as 112 expensive equipment that could have been easily repaired.

After some 72 pieces of equipment from the district hospital and 40 from the DPHO were auctioned for a nominal amount of Rs 26,500 about six months ago, it has started a furore. It has been learnt that the equipment were auctioned without any prior information to the concerned hospital management committee.

This incident came to light, particularly following preparations to bring the auctioned apparatuses back into use at some community hospital following minor repairs.

“Since the equipment and machines were public property, it’s natural that many were concerned following the auction,” said Chairman of Khotang Chamber of Commerce and Industry Rajendra Layalu.

Earlier, on February 28, an auction sub-committee led by the DPHO chief had issued a notice for the auction of the equipment and machines staying idle in the hospital and the DPHO.

According to one of the persons who accepted the auction, some of the purchased items were not used even once afterwards. Among the equipment thus auctioned were four X-ray machines and four ECG machines.

On his part, the hospital development committee member Gyanendra Joshi confirmed that the committee had not received any prior information about the auction. Following public clamour over the auction, an all-party meeting was held at the district administration yesterday.

According to Chief District Officer Dinesh Kumal, a letter has been sent to the hospital seeking clarification over the auction.