Medicos in diarrhoea grip in Dipayal

Dipayal, September 4:

Some health workers, who were sent to control diarrhoea spreading in a remote VDC of Bajhang district, are themselves battling the disease.

Following this, other health workers have been fearing to go to Deulikot VDC. Tara Devi Joshi was sent to treat the patients of diarrhoea but she herself has been suffering from the disease and is being treated in Nepalgunj, said Dr Khakendra Bhandari who is involved in her treatment.

Assistant Health Worker of Deulikot-based Health Post Madhadev Joshi has reportedly fled from the VDC. Some other health workers have also taken ill.

Diarrhoea outbroke in the village after a group of Dalits ate the meat of a dead buffalo. Ward No 6 of the VDC is also under grip of the disease. The death toll due to the disease in the VDC has climbed to eight in the past one month. More than 10 persons have fallen seriously ill in the village.

Dr Bhandari said symptoms of the disease were strange. “Though patients got recovery from diarrhoea, some have contracted it and died in the past 24 hours,” he said. It is reported that medicines are in short supply in the area.