Meet to press government on women’s issues

Kathmandu, February 25:

A national conference on Equal Rights of Women in the Citizenship is going to be organised on February 28.

The conference aims at putting pressure on the government to amend discriminatory laws regarding the issuance of the citizenship certificates to women and for equality in the citizenship rights, the Forum for Women, Law and Development (FWLD) announced today at a press conference.

Speaking at the press meet Sahana Pradhan, executive committee co-ordinator of Network of the Equal Right of Women in the Citizenship, said, “Despite commitments Nepal has made in international conventions to amend the discriminatory policies, laws and ensure equal right of women in issuance of citizenship, there has been no revisions as such.”

Pradhan said the political parties have incorporated the citizenship issue, which had been sidelined in the Constitution of Nepal 2047, in their policy.

Though the Constitution of Nepal 2047 rules out any kind of discrimination, there is discrimination regarding issuance of citizenships on the grounds of descendency and marital relationship.

Sapana Pradhan Malla, president of FWLD said, “This is an issue of identity and fundamental human rights. Discriminatory laws have led to statelessness of many children and women, hence it has to be integrated in the polices of political parties.”