Mentally ill finds home in Maiti Nepal

Bhairahawa, July 3:

Maiti Nepal, which has been taking care of a 12-year-old mentally-ill girl, who was found abandoned in Bhairahawa some three months ago, said the girl’s condition has been improving.

Locals had found the child in front of Hotel Himalayan in Devkota Chowk and handed her to the police. The police in turn handed her to Bhairahawa-based office of Maiti Nepal on May 14, after failing to trace her parents or guardians.

“She had been suffering from some form of mental illness when we took charge of her,” said chief of Maiti Nepal’s Bhairahawa office Prabha Khanal, adding that the girl’s condition has been improving rapidly.

She said the girl could not tell anything about her name, parents or address. “We asked her several times about her name and address, but to no avail. She could not tell anything about her past,” Khanal said, adding that Maiti Nepali has named her Cheli.