Mid-western University padlocked for two months

  • Vice-chancellor accused of violating the varsity’s act and regulations

Surkhet, November 23

Mid-western University, which remains padlocked for the past two months, owing to the dispute between Vice-chancellor Upendra Kumar Koirala and Registrar Mahendra Kumar Malla, has yet to be reopened.

Malla has accused Koirala of making appointments through the executive council meeting on September 23 in his absence. Democratic Professors’ Union and Nepal Students’ Union had padlocked the varsity protesting the appointments.

Tek Bikram Basnet, Anad Subedi and Arjun Bahadur Aidi were appointed as chief of Humanities and Social Sciences, Exam Management Head and coordinator of law faculty respectively.

Malla said the decisions made by the executive council called by Koirala in his absence would not be acceptable. “I object to the decisions taken by Vice-chancellor violating the varsity’s act and regulations,” Malla said.

Legal advisers to the university say that the vice-chancellor had violated the varsity’s act and regulations and set a bad precedent.

After the dispute worsened, the university had sought advice of senior advocates Premdhowj Shahi and Tanka Prasad Dual. They have said that the executive council meeting could not be held in the absence of registrar. A notice should be circulated prior to holding the meeting.

Vice-chancellor Koirala, however, insisted that the council’s decision was in line with varsity’s act and regulations.