Midday meal increases attendance of students

Martadi, December 20

Midday meal programme in several community schools has led to increase in regular attendance of students in Bajura district.

Some years ago, there were only 50-60 students at Kailash Primary School in Pandusain of Budhinanda Municipality-10. After the midday meal programme was launched, the number of students attending the school has doubled. School Principal Ganesh Bahadur Singh said the midday meal targeted at children from poor families in high hill and mountainous regions had addressed the problem of low attendance of students. He said the midday meal programme benefited 1,613 students of 134 primary schools in the district. “The programme has been effective for children from poor families”, he said, adding the programme had helped students to attend classes in a regular manner.

Parents have also been interested in their children’s education. Parents have expressed happiness over the programme that provides nutrient rich meals for their children. Gokarna Devkota, guardian of a student said children were being fed well at schools as most of the parents did not get enough time to prepare healthy meal at homes as they remained busy in farming.

Annually more than 200 students get enrolled at various primary schools, according to Prem Lama, member of the Kailash Primary School Management Committee. The meal management committees of the concerned schools have been providing midday meal for the students as per the Community School Midday Meal Operation Work Procedure-2016. “The programme is operational at various primary schools at seven out of nine local levels. As many as 1,613 students are being benefited from the programme,” said Binod Thakur, Area Coordinator of Nutrient Food Programme, Bajura.