Minister for Health Pokharel declares 26-point commitment

KATHMANDU: Minister for Health Giriraj Mani Pokharel has declared 26-point commitment to enhance health governance during his tenure in government run hospitals across the nation.

Minister Pokharel said during a press meet organised at the Ministry of Health at the Singha Durbar in the Capital City today.

"The government has adopted a zero-tolerance on corruption in the health sector and evaluation and monitoring has been given a top priority," Minister Pokharel added.

CPN-Maoist Leader Pokharel further said that the government is preparing to upgraded the fully equipped health posts into Primary Health Centre and to Community hospitals in the near future.

"Population and geography would be considered while making a health care centre in ward across the Municipality and Metropolis across the nation to minimise irregularities and managed accordingly," Minister Pokharel shared.

"Government hospitals and institutions would be managed under contract basis to enhance service delivery and develop leadership," informed Pokharel.

Former Health Minister Pokharel clarified that health professional's promotion and carrier development would be addressed during the staff integration to manage irregularities in the health sector.

He also said that the government will endorse the necessary plan and policies developed by former Health Ministers and Health Insurance programmes will be moved forward as it is prerequisite for basic health service to all Nepalis.

Minister Pokharel clarified that the government would increase tax on tobacco and liquor to finance the polices and programmes of health services envisioned by the government.

He also said that the government is committed in making the safe motherhood programme and child health programme more effective in the future.

Minister Pokharel further said that the Ministry of Health would coordinate and work closely with multi sectoral cooperatives in making a health policies effective for achieving "Healthy Nepal, Prosperous Nepal."

Earlier, Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba had inducted Giriraj Mani Pokharel as Minister for Health in CPN-Maoist Centre's quota in his Cabinet.