Minister says give priority to landless people


Minister of Land Management, Cooperatives, and Poverty Alleviation Shivamaya Tumbahamphe said local levels should give top priority to resolution of land related issues.

At a programme organised by Land-related Problems Resolution Commission and District Coordination Committee here today, Minister Tumbahamphe stressed that the local levels play regulatory and supervisory role in collecting data.

Urging the commission to provide information to local levels regarding the legal provisions, she asked people’s representatives and the public to be aware while carrying out activities as action would be taken against them if wrongdoings took place.

The land management minister mentioned that agreements were signed with different local levels for implementation of the Land Act and asked the local levels to prioritise the task related to land ownership certificate distribution.

Similarly, member of the commission Gopal Guragain expressed the belief that distribution of land ownership certificate would be completed with the support of all political parties as problems of landless squatters was a common problem.

Another member of the commission Jagat Deuja presented a working-paper on Legal Processes and Solution of Landless Dalit, Squatters and Unmanaged Settlement Management while expressing the view that it would help in disaster risk reduction, long-term security, poverty alleviation and sustainable development.

The commission has signed agreements with eight local levels to provide land to the landless in Miklajung, Rangeli, Katahari, Urlabari, Patharishanishchare, Kanepokhari, Letang and Belbari in Morang.