Minister Thapa for parties’ unity

Prem Prasad Sapkota’s body cremated in Pokhara

Kathmandu, February 19:

Home Minister Kamal Thapa today appealed to all political parties and the civil society to bury differences and rise above their individual and party interests while committing themselves to the interest of country, people and democracy.

Minister Thapa made this appeal in his statement issued here today on the occasion of the Tribhuvan Jayanti and the 56th Democracy Day.

In the statement, he noted that the obstacles that have emerged in Nepalese politics over the past few years have obstructed the implementation of the democratic system and constitutional process.

Expressing his concern over the present political situation, Home Minister Thapa added that the latest political developments in the country has exposed democracy and democratic forces of Nepal to increasing threat of ultra-leftist politics.

“Considering the gravity of the situation, it is high time to forge unity and solidarity among all the constitutional forces to protect the interest of nation and democracy,” he said.

Noting that the King has made a firm determination to strengthen democracy and restore sustainable peace in the country as per the wish of Nepalese people, Minister Thapa further stressed that it is duty of all self-respecting Nepalese to extend their support the King’s endeavours for restoration of peace and democracy.

“Like in the past, the situation in the country calls upon both the King and people to work in partnership to make democracy and constitutional forces work once again,” he said. Meanwhile, Minister Thapa has said that Maoists have proven their barbarism by brutally killing Prem Prasad Sapkota, Joint-Regional Administrator of the Eastern Region, who was abducted after an attack in Dhankuta, recently. Minister Thapa made this remark while paying tribute at the body of Sapkota at the TU Teaching Hospital, today. The body of the late Sapkota was brought to the Teaching Hospital from BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences Dharan, this morning.

A report from Pokhara said Sapkota’s body was cremated in accordance with the Hindu tradition, at Tulsi Ghat in Pokhara-9, today. Sapkota’s eldest son Manoj, 28, torched the funeral pyre. His dead body was brought from Dharan by helicopter through Kathmandu after post mortem in Kathmandu.