Ministers lambast politicos

Kathmandu, November 18:

Stating that the government was “closely watching” the ongoing developments in New Delhi, a senior minister said today it will be impossible to bring about 1990-type changes in Nepal by depending on foreign powers.

Calling on the political parties to “face the Nepalis people if you have guts rather than bowing down to foreign powers to bring about changes,” the minister of forest and land management, Salim Miya Ansari, said that “signing documents” in a foreign land will ultimately harm the country.

Speaking at an interaction organised by the Intellectuals Forum Nepal, he said: “It is not necessary to follow the model of democracy of another country.” “Models of monarchy, too, differ from country to country.”

Calling on the parties to exert as much pressure as they can, he said the people will not believe the parties. Stating that the trend of exerting pressure from foreign quarters to go to power has become outdated, he called on the parties to go to power by winning the confidence of the people.

Meanwhile, speaking at a programme in Pokhara today, the Minister of Education and Sports, Radha Krishna Mainali, accused the politicos of seeking foreign help to revive their parties.

Instead of moving the country ahead, the political parties are inviting instability, he said, calling on them to uphold the nation. Mainali also accused the leaders of political parties of indulging in sycophancy to please the foreigners.

The police arrested four NSU activists for displaying black flags to minister Mainali.

A report from Bhaktapur quoted Rajparishad Standing Committee Member Sachchit SJB Rana as stressing the need for all Nepali citizens to remain alert and mindful against the foreign intervention and conspiracy during the present circumstance of the country. Speaking at a talk programme on ‘’Role of Democrats in Local Elections Ordered by His Majesty the King’’ organised by Rastriya Bibhuti Smriti Pratisthan, Bhaktapur here today, Rajparisad member Rana stated that the statement made by the Ambassadors of Britain and America, along with leaders of Nepali political parties in India, regarding the democracy is an unfortunate and astounding issue while adding that there is no need to make hue and cry as the democracy already exists in Nepal.