Ministries awaiting staff

Biratnagar, February 21

Days after formation of the provincial government, daily work at the various ministries in Province 1 continues to be affected due to lack of staff.

Ministers have assumed office at five of the seven ministries, but as there are no employees, they are facing great difficulty carrying out daily work. The government has appointed 206 employees in the seven ministries, including in the Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers, but just around 20 per cent of them are said to have reported for duty.

A case in point, there are just six employees on duty at the Social Development Ministry as against appointment of 41 employees, including 30, ranging from second-class non-gazetted officers to secretary.

Similarly, just eight of the 27 employees for the Ministry of Financial Affairs and Planning are on duty now. The others are yet to report to work.

Similarly, just 10 staffers including Principal Secretary Yadavraj Koirala, Secretary Santosh Shrestha, four under-secretaries, two section officers and as many first class non-gazetted officers are on duty at the Office of the Chief Minister and Council of Ministers now. One each, secretary and joint-secretary, two section officers and five first class non-gazetted officers are yet to report to work.

As per the Employees’ Adjustment Act 2018, the employees adjusted in provincial positions must report to work in 35 days of being thus designated for specific post, excluding the time taken on the way. Most of the employees are not report to work, citing the same provision.