Dhangadi, June 7 Ministries in Far-west Province are building structures without meeting the criteria set by the concerned local level. As per the rule, a prior approval from concerned authority at local level is required to construct houses and any other physical structures. Dhangadi Sub-metropolis had passed a building construction and plan criteria more than 13 months ago, but much to everyone’s chagrin, the ministries of the provincial government are not following the criteria in building physical infrastructures. In their defence, the ministries have argued that approval of the design was not necessary given the temporary nature of the structures. A case in point is a canteen building being built by the provincial assembly in Dhangadi without getting its design approved from the local authority. Dhangadi Sub-metropolis Engineer Dwijraj Bhatta confirmed that the structure being built by the PA was not approved by the municipality. “The PA secretariat had asked for the criteria, but the municipality hasn’t yet started the approval process,” he said. As per sources, many other structures, including buildings for offices for parliamentary parties of the Provincial Assembly, are also under-construction. Regarding this, Dhangadi Sub-metropolis Deputy Chief Sushila Bhatta informed that the issue would be discussed at the upcoming meeting of the executive committee.