Missing Indian climber found dead on Mt Everest; Aussie climber’s body airlifted

KATHMANDU: Rescuers on Friday found the body of an Indian mountaineer who went missing above the Camp IV on the Mt Everest since last Saturday.

According to Wangchu Sherpa, the managing director at Trekking Camp Nepal, a team of six Sherpas retrieved the body of Paresh Chandra Nath (58) above the Camp IV while they could not move ahead from the higher camp to locate another missing Bengal climber whose body was also reportedly lying above 8,000 metres in the death zone.

“High wind forced the rescuers to descend from the Camp IV after locating Paresh Nath’s body,” he said, adding that the team would be trying to bring the body of Subhash Pal down from the Camp III to Camp II later in the afternoon.

Few climbers who made it to summit early this week are reported to have seen the body of Goutam Ghosh (51) above 8,000 metres.

The rescuers, however, failed to move ahead from the Camp IV for retrieval due to the bad weather. Sherpa said that the rescuers would try their best to bring down Subhash’s body to the Camp II.

Similarly, the body of an Australian woman climber has been airlifted to Kathmandu on Friday after a team Sherpas brought it down to the Camp II from the Camp III.

“A group of 18 Sherpas were successful to take the body of Dr Maria Styrdom to the Camp II from where an Air Dynasty chopper airlifted it to Kathmandu,” Mingma Sherpa, owner of Seven Summit Treks,  told THT Online from the base camp.

The Monash Business School professor had died after suffering from altitude related sickness while she was descending from the summit point along with her husband Robert James Gropel on Saturday.

“The Global Rescue was involved in airlifting her body from the Camp II,” Sherpa added.

On Thursday, the body of Eric Arnold, a climber from the Netherlands, who died near the Camp IV after making it to the roof of the world on Saturday, had also been airlifted to Kathmandu.

The Dutch climber had died near the Camp IV after making it to the roof of the world on Saturday.