Missing polling officer comes into contact

BAJURA: Polling Officer at Malika secondary school, Bangpani, of Pandabgufa Rural Municipality-4, Premraj Giri, has come into contact today.

Polling Officer Giri, who reached at Porakhe area along with ballot boxes, went out of contact all of sudden from Monday.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Hari Bahadur Oli said that search for Giri was carried out after Giri remained absent at the office of the Chief Returning Officer to submit the ballot boxes.

Oli said that Giri came into contact just a while ago and submitted the ballot boxes.


Election Officer goes out of contact in Bajura

BAJURA: An Election officer of Bangpani Polling Centre at Malika Secondary School in Pandavgufa Rural Municipality in Bajura district has gone missing from Monday evening.

Election Officer Prem Raj Giri has gone out of contact from Porkhe area of the district, according to the Bajura District Police Office.

Police Inspector Jagdish Bhatta said that Giri went out of contact while coming to the district headquarters after completing the elections to the House of Representatives and State Assemblies that were held on Sunday.

Giri is an official of the Prime Minister Agriculture Modernisation Zone Programme.

Police said that a search for the missing is underway.

The ballot boxes of Bangpani Polling Centre are kept outside the office of the Chief Election Officer in absence of Election Officer Giri, though the ballot boxes are carried to the Office of the Chief Election Officer in Martadi, the district headquarters of Bajura.