Mixed reaction over King’s visit

Kathmandu, August 22:

Former members of the House of Representatives from the western districts have said that the King’s visit to the mid and far west is a normal practice and that it may just turn into another futile and politically motivated exercise. “Did people, who are living below the poverty line, benefit from similar visits in the past?” asked Bhim Kumari Budha, a representative from Rolpa, a district hit by the Maoist conflict. “If the monarch wants to go among people he shouldn’t wear military outfit,” she said.

A representative from Mugu, Hasta Bahadur Malla warned of a major political change once the King returns from his visit. “Such visit of the King is normal, but it may not be successful and I think a big political accident will take place after the King completes his visit,” he said.

Former minister Kamal Chaulagain said the King’s visit should not be criticised because the King is just going among the people. Prakash Jwala of CPN-UML speaking at an interaction organised by the Reporters’ Club Nepal said the King’s visit as politically motivated. However, Parashu Ram Thakur, the central member of Rastriya Prajatantra Party said the King’s visit to the west should be focused on giving way out of the conflict.