Mixed reaction to draft constitution


Folks in Banke have shown mixed reaction to the draft constitution at feedback collection programmes.

The feedback programmes were held at Kohalpur, Hirmaniya, Nepalgunj and Khajura for Constituencies 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively.

While most participants have demanded Hindu state identity for the country, others are in favour of adding some clauses by keeping the state secular. There were also feeble calls for replacing the old emblem of the national animal. A significant chunk of participants have also sought to fix the academic qualification for persons to run for governing posts. Likewise, there were  people who expressed  reservations over citizenship  provisions in the draft.

Also, the majority of participants demanded that the upcoming constitution be a document that facilitates various tribes, castes and communities.

Thought the people voiced their suggestions in oral as well as writing to Constituent Assembly members on the first day, the feedbacks were submitted solely in writing in all the four feedback collection venues. The oral inputs, however, have been recorded in audio or video format.

According to Chief District Officer Jagat Bahadur Basnet, 2,859 feedbacks have been received in writing in the district.

Highest feedback were received from Constituency No-3.