Itahari, February 7:

Central vice-chairman of the agitating Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum, Kishor Bishwas, today threatened to declare the Terai a separate state if the government fails to immediately solve the Terai’s problem through talks.

Bishwas said so at a condolence meet held in honour of Hari Mehta and Shyam Sunar Mehta, who were killed in Inaruwa of Sunsari district in police firing last Thursday.

“We will declare a separate state with an independent constitution if we fail to receive our rights through the movement,” Bishwas said. Stressing that 24 persons have

already been “martyred” until now, he warned

that the Madhesi movement will change into a disintegration campaign if the suppression goes on unabated.

He also claimed that the government is thinking of mobilising the army to suppress their movement and warned that any such move would be met with armed struggle by the Madhesis. “We too will take up arms for securing our rights if the army is mobilised. We are prepared for this,” he said.

Bishwas expressed dissatisfaction, saying the present government sees Madhes as only a colony. “We will not kowtow to colonial rule,” he said. He laid emphasis on including a federal state system and a proportionate electoral system in the interim constitution.