MJF stages demos in Siraha, Lahan

Siraha, January 28:

The Madheshi Janaadhikar Forum (MJF), led by its Siraha chairperson Kishori Yadav, staged a demonstration in Siraha today, burnt tyres on the streets and staged bicycle rallies in Mahespur, Patari, Ramaul, Golba-zaar, Kajara, Bishnupur, Bastista and Mirchaiya.

MJF demonstrators, demanding the removal of the camp of the Maoist army from Mirchaiya, issued a 12-hour ultimatum in this regard to the authorities concerned.

Meanwhile, locals and various organisations have contributed money for the treatment of those injured in incidents in Lahan and Janakpur. Some 20 organisations in Siraha, in a joint press statement today, urged the agitating forces to create an atmosphere where journalists, right activists and health workers could work freely.

The organisations, including INSEC, Human Right Protection Centre, City Jaycees Lahan and the Community Forest Consumers Federation, issued the joint statement. The statement urged the agitators to proceed in a peaceful manner, without giving rise to any human casualty and added that there was no alternative to dialogue for the solution of the problems raised in the agitation. Press Cha-utari (Siraha) urged the agitating forces to create an atmosphere for free dissemination of news.

As there was no imposition of curfew today, normal life was somewhat easier in Lahan.

The MJF also staged a protest rally in Lahan of Siraha district. A dozen organisations in Siraha, expressing solidarity with the MJF’s “genuine demands” urged the government to hold talks with it. FSU president of Siraha Sanjaya Yadav, chairperson of the RPP Regional Working Committee Ram Nandan Mandal and chairperson of the Nepal Teachers’ Union Gangaram Yadav issued the statement of support for the MJF.

MJF cadres replaced “Nepal Government” signboards in government offices with ones saying “Madhesh Government” in Malangwa today. Signboards in the DAO, DPO, district court, DDC, District Agriculture, District Livestock Development, Women’s Development and Land Revenue were replaced.