Mobile camp helps people in remote VDCs

Dhading, March 13

A 53-year-old woman received citizenship certificate in a mobile camp deployed from District Administration Office in Darkha VDC, Dhading recently.

Chakhewati Tamang of the VDC, with two sons and three daughters registered her marriage after 30 years. She said that her maternal members did not take the initiative to make the citizenship card and

she was unaware of it. “I have yet to know the value of citizenship card,” she said.

She asked about the significance of the card and marriage registration as she is yet to get the card.  “I have neither citizenship card nor marriage registration certificate,” she added. She said she had not registered the birth of her children. “I received all the facilities after the government team reached the village to provide the service,” she said.

Similarly, Asmita Tamang also received the citizenship card at the age of 44 at Satyadevi VDC. She had also registered her marriage in the mobile camp. “I received the card after the government team provided the service in the village,” she said. She added how she could not receive the citizenship card earlier as she had not been to the district headquarters.

It is said that the people in remote villages of Dhading were deprived of government facilities as they did not have documents and could not reach the headquarters due to the geographical difficulties and domestic problems.

Sarita Magar, who has not been to the headquarters, also received the card from the mobile camp. “I spent almost all the time on household works, but I always knew that citizenship certificate and marriage registration were important and that I had to get them,” she added. She said that she did not have time to reach the office for all these works.

The mobile camp deployed from the DAO had offered citizenship cards along with marriage registration and ID cards for the disabled in the remote villages of the district