Mobile school for yarsa pickers

DOLPA: A mobile school is to be run this year too targeting students moving to Himalayan meadow for picking yarsagumba as part of their major source of income generation.

District Education Officer Yubaraj Poudel shared that mobile schools will be operated in different places of the district as in the past to create environment for education to school students.

It is noted that teachers, students, guardians and entire community people go to Himalayan meadow for picking yarsagumba, a precious and rare herbal medicine.

Poudel shared that grade 1-5 students will be provided basic concepts and knowledge on environmental protection during their stay in meadow.

The students will also be made aware on how to collect yarsagumba as part of the local subject, Poudel added.

As many as 700 students will get benefits from a month-long mobile class to be conducted in the Himalayan meadow.