Mobile service camps for govt staff soon

Kathmandu, July 4:

The Department of Civil Personnel Records (DoCPR) has decided to conduct mobile service camps for the benefit of government employees working in three regions of the country. The

regions have not been identified yet.

The mobile service camps, which will be launched from the next fiscal year, will provide the government employees working there with services for which they had

to come to the capital earlier. The service includes approving personal details of the government employees, registration of newly-inducted employees and distribution of new pension cards.

Damodar Regmi, director of the DoCPR, said that the National Planning Commission has given consent to the programme and the same will commence from the beginning of the new fiscal year.

This programme is the first of its kind, Regmi said, adding, “Earlier, employees had to come to the capital to get these works done. The mobile camps will help the employees get their works done in the areas of their posting.”

The three regions will be identified on the basis of requirement, Regmi said. The mobile camp will be conducted for a maximum of two weeks in a region every year.