MoLD on budget implementation

KATHMANDU: The Ministry of Local Development (MoLD) has embarked on monitoring the implementation of the annual budget for the local bodies in this fiscal year.

Four different teams headed by joint-secretaries at the ministry are handed over the charge in the five development regions, the MoLD said.

About 20 per cent of the total budget allocated for the programmes under the ministry in the running fiscal year has been spent in the last nine months. The absence of elected representatives in the local bodies had created hurdles while implementing the programme activities.

According to the MoLD, a total of Rs 25,318,027 thousand was allocated for the current fiscal year apart from grants from other ministries and donors. The fiscal year will end in mid-July. Of the total amount, Rs 2,010,153 thousand has been spent under capital expenditure and Rs 2,757,991 thousand under regular expenses.

“There are only two months remaining for the end of the fiscal year and we are worried about the implementation of the allocated budget,” said Sharma. “We will see whether the budget has reached the villages or not,” he added. “I have heard some of the districts including Rautahat and Mahottari are yet to hold the council meetings to approve their budget and programmes.”

There are 3,915 Village Development Committees, 58 municipalities and 75 District Development Committees in the 75 districts of the country. Each of the VDCs has been allocated Rs two to three million for local development, according to the ministry.