Monkey menace in Nepalgunj

Nepalgunj, October 22

Monkeys are giving a hard time to the locals of Jayaspur in Nepalgunj sub-metropolis, Banke.

Monkeys enter human settlements in groups and destroy seasonal crops, vegetables and some of them even attack people.

Locals have repeatedly complained to the local administration about the monkey menace, but no initiative has been taken to control the problem.

Villagers at Jayaspur said they were forced to live in fear of monkey attack and could not come out of houses without carrying a stick.

Rosan Ali Ansari, a local, said they had hired a person to protect their crops from monkeys that came from the nearby forest.  “Besides crops in the fields, they destroy the stored food grains if we leave our houses unattended. The children do not come out of houses due to the fear of monkeys,” he added.

Ward No 16 Chair Hanif Jolaha said monkeys destroyed fruits, vegetables and seasonal crops. “Some farmers have left their lands barren due to fear of monkeys,” he said. Jolaha informed some villagers had sustained serious injuries in monkey attacks. He added the ward office took initiative to resolve the problem, but could not succeed in bringing the situation under control.

Ward Secretary Salauddin Ansari said they had sent a letter to District Administration Office, Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan Office and Forest Division Office complaining about the problem, but did not get help from any of them.